Our self-developed digital signage software soviaRetail enables web-based control of all digital signage displays worldwide - simply, securely and in a matter of seconds. Here's how to do it.


In the first step, media are loaded into the media container that will later be played on the screens. The formats MP4 for video files, JPG, GIF or PNG for image files, MP3 for audio files and PDF files are possible.


Then promotions are created that control which media are played in which order. For example, the current collection videos, weekly or daily promotions, the latest product images and a product mix could be selected. Products in that share a category are displayed in the product mix or filtered according to characteristics. "Dress" + "yellow" could be created as a filter - all images that match these characteristics will then be automatically displayed when they are in stock at the branch. The product features of the media are automatically tagged when uploading via artificial intelligence or can be assigned manually. When creating the promotions, overlaying effects can also be selected and background colors can be set if images or videos do not fill the entire screen.


When creating the promotion, you also determine where the content is going to be played. That means: in which store, on which display. If the promotion is to be played in several stores, it is advisable to combine several shops into one hotspot, to which the promotion can then be assigned with a click.


In the final step, rules are created that control when the individual promotion items are displayed. There are two types of rules - script rules and date rules. The latter control seasons, months, weeks, days or times. For example, weekly promotions can be linked to specific calendar weeks. Christmas advertising content can be limited to December. And content can be played depending on the shop opening hours. For example, a picture with the note "We will be back tomorrow from 10 a.m. and wish you a nice evening" together with a link to the online shop could be displayed outside the opening hours in the shop window. Individual products with a QR code for the online shop also increase the incentive to buy outside opening hours.


Script rules offer countless possibilities. For example, only reduced items can be played. Or items with a sales quota of less than 50% four weeks after sales start. Weather-based rules can also be created taking in account the location of the store. Swimwear can be played automatically in the summer when the sun is shining, while rainwear or light jackets are shown on a rainy day.


We will publish more details on script rules on our blog shortly.