Mobile payment systems in retail are becoming increasingly popular. In combination with customer consultation with the help of the InStore Assistant, we offer a new mobile payment integration that offers the customer a smooth shopping experience.


The InStore Assistant is at the heart of our solutions. Customer advisors can use a mobile device such as the TC52 / TC57 touch computers from Zebra to record products and view all the necessary product information: stocks in the branch, in other branches or in the online shop, color variants, other sizes, prices, reduced prices , Cross-selling articles and material information. With a connection to merchandise management or omnichannel processes, employees also have the option of ordering items for the customer or completing the payment process on site at the customer. Payment is made very conveniently via a mobile payment terminal: if the order for the customer was triggered at the InStore Assistant, a QR code appears, which then only has to be scanned with our partner Adyen's mobile payment terminal. The amount due can be paid with all cashless payment options such as debit and credit cards, gift vouchers, etc. Mobile packing tables enable the goods to be unlocked and bagged.


The TC52 / TC57 touch computers are the perfect companions for retail employees; with only 249g, they are light and comfortable in daily use. The robustness and drop resistance of 1.2 m above concrete ensure the durability of the devices.


This article was created in cooperation with Zebra.