With our new Self Checkout Terminal, customers have the option of registering goods using a scanner and paying cashlessly via a card terminal. The intuitive system guides the customer through the checkout process, employees have the option of monitoring several terminals at the same time and are available to answer questions. After the successful completion of the purchase, the employee takes the goods to remove the security devices and hangers and packs them in bags.


Employees can use the InStore Assistant to switch the Self Checkout Terminal on or off, depending on whether the cash register is currently open or not. A note on the display refers customers to another checkout in the case of a closed terminal. Customers can use the intuitive system to scan articles quickly and easily. Article-related discounts such as 2 for 1, payment-dependent discounts, etc. are stored in the system and automatically taken into account when entering the articles or payment methods at the terminal. In addition, the customer card can be scanned to retrieve discounts linked to the customer account. To complete the purchase, the customer selects the desired cashless payment method such as card or online payment, vouchers, invoices, etc. The purchase process can be completed via an external card reader. An employee can be requested using a help button. This way, shop assistants can supervise several cash registers at the same time, unlock and pack the goods for the customer.


The advantages of self checkout cash registers are the reduced waiting time and the smaller space requirement on the area. Checkout processes can be optimized and employees deployed flexibly, which increases customer service and offers flexibility in personnel planning. In addition, the terminals can be used as digital signage devices, so when're not in use as checkout, they play digital signage content. Self checkout checkouts also meet the customer's request for self-determination.