Rule-based promotions enable media to be played automatically based on defined rules. These rules can, for example, relate to weather data at the location of the branch, include current sales quotas or sale items.


In the first step, rules are created in the Backstore; these can either be script-related or date-related. Script rules offer a variety of options - for example, the weather at the location of the branch can be used to select the media. After the automatic update of the weather data, only those media are displayed that show articles matching the weather. E.g. transitional goods on a rainy summer day. Sale items can also be displayed automatically using the script rules. Inventory and sales quotas can also be used to actively promote products. Thanks to the script rules, the system automatically recognizes the articles to be played. With date rules, different content can be easily controlled during opening hours and after the shop closes. Monthly, weekly and daily campaigns can also be planned in advance and controlled with just a few clicks. The promotion starts automatically at the specified time. Once the rules have been created, promotion items must then be selected for which the rules should apply. These are for instance images, videos, a product mix or PDF files. The media are first uploaded to the backstore. Files are tagged during import thanks to Microsoft Cognitive Services. These can be adopted, changed or further tags may be added (such as season, article number etc.). The previously defined rules access the tags and start the matching playback automatically.