Release Notes

from 25.05.2020

This release uses the following versions:

  • Framework: 3.4.1
  • SoviaSolution: 3.5.1


1. Self Checkout

With the Self Check-Out and a mobile service point for fashion and lifestyle retail, Bütema AG offers a new concept to respond flexibly to the adjusted demographic customer behavior.


Example Fashion Check-Out terminal:

Customers have the option of scanning their goods themselves using the scanner connected to the terminal and paying cashlessly at the card terminal. A nearby employee monitors the operations of several terminals and is available to answer questions from customers. After the purchase has been completed, the employee accepts the goods to remove the security devices or hangers and then packs them in bags so that they can then be handed over to the customer.

2. Functions

By providing Functions, scenarios can be created and changed by the customer without a new update / release.


The following use cases can be implemented with sovia Functions:


1. Activation of digital signage through IoT buttons

a. Example customer stop light with IoT buttons:

The retailer notes that the point of sale is quite full. He presses an IoT button with a click, whereupon the display on a device prompts the visitor to wait. By double-clicking on the same button, the play otherwise provided for the device can be continued.


2. Activation by sensors - reacting to threshold value - exceeding / falling below

a. Example customer stop light with sensors:

Some systems use sensors to detect that the maximum desired / permitted number of people has been reached in the point of sale. These systems can often be configured so that http-based web services can be called up in such a case.


3. Send notifications

a. Example fitting room with IoT button:

An IoT button located in the fitting room can be used to send the sales staff a push notification on their smartphone and thus get help.


4. Activate effects

a. Example IoT button:

IoT buttons or other IoT devices can be configured so that special sound and light effects can be played out in a fitting room


5. External triggers

a. Example for external services - targeted advertising of products

Individual products are often advertised with elaborate advertising material. This can also be done using sovia Functions. Not only a mechanical activation is conceivable, but also an activation that takes place on the basis of other criteria, such as Sale, or the demographic characteristics of the store visitors.

3. Links / shortcuts in the media libraries

Creation of links / linking of master media in another container.

a. Example content agency:

The content agency uploads media in a container provided for it. From there, these media can then be linked to a new or existing work container and used as a promotion item. No media need to be duplicated and there is only one master file.

4. Authentication provider

Existing user administration of the authentication providers Azure Active Directory, SAP or Facebook can be integrated into the security architecture of soviaRETAIL. With this release, soviaRETAIL is OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect compliant.



ISA & Self Service Terminal - Subscribe to news groups

The notification system, which (e.g.) informs active ISAs when the "Call help" buttn on the Self Service has been pushed has been revised in this version.


For an ISA to receive a message, the user must subscribe to a message group at an orgunit.


EXAMPLE: If the user subscribes to the CallAssistance_SelfService message group on the Orgunit women's outerwear, he or she receives CallAssistance messages from all self-services from this and the underlying orgunits. They do not receive self-service messages from other areas of the orgunit tree and messages from other groups. The subscriptions can be adjeusted via the settings in the notification center. The settings are saved in the database for each device and apply across sessions and logins so that the user does not have to re-subscribe if they accidentally log out. If a user logs on to a device with existing subscriptions, all existing subscriptions to this device that are outside the new orgunit tree (scoping) are removed and the user is informed of this by a pop-up.