Digital Signage

Emotion and Information on the retail area

Screen advertising (digital signage), which is directly connected to the ERP system, enables a short-term and contemporary presentation. In addition, the broadcast of media content is prohibited under certain conditions (e.g. sold-out items).

The screen-to-screen interaction is the combination of digital signage and guided selling, which offers additional information that is controlled by mobile devices or tablets during the customer consultation. This information can be a video or cross-selling products.

ERP connected


Dynamic media content


Central administration 


Easy-to-use content management system

Area of Use

Shop Window
Shop Window
Cash Desk
Cash Desk


Presentation of special offers

Using digital signage at promotion areas e.g. as seen on counter for special propositions, offers an outstanding feature in combination with our inStore Assistant. This app used on smartphones supports the sales and visual merchandising associates to connect the right promotions to the digital signs or digital signage monitors placed e.g. in the promotion areas, or shop window.

The Head Office selects items which shall be displayed and presented in the special area and transmits data to the smartphones of the employees. They scan the articles and place them on the selected area. The display at the promotion area or in the shop window automatically shows the advertised garments, as long as they are in stock.

Lift & Learn

The Surprising Highlight of Digital Signage

A special highlight in digital signage is the Lift & Learn solution. Here, selected products are placed in front of a screen. When the product is being lifted, the display starts playing the corresponding promotion, for instance product videos, images, or detail information.

This can support selling items that need further explanation. Plus, by prominently placing the products and playing the appropriate promotions, products are especially highlighted and advertised. This leads to more attention at the POS.