Self Service

Find the right items fast and convenient

To equip the sales floor or fitting room area with self-service systems fulfills customers’ wishes of higher independence and time saving solutions.

Customers have the opportunity to search for available sizes and color variants in store, in other stores or in the online shop. They also have the opportunity to get inspired or browse different styles at the same time. 

Self servie Terminal

Self Service Terminal

By scanning the barcode of the articles at the self-service terminals the customers have the option to research colors, sizes, material and product information as well as cross-selling articles. They also are able to place an order and can choose from various delivery options.

Interactive Mirror

Interactive Mirror

In the fitting room, the customer has the possibility to browse items on the interactive mirror with the touch of their fingers. If a garment doesn’t fit, the customer is able to check availability in size, color or style.

As an additional feature, the customer has the option to call for assistance by pressing the “Assistance-Button”. The sales associate receives a push notification message on their inStore-Assistance smartphone and knows which customer to assist. 

Minimizing waiting times


Capture via barcode or RFID

Digital Signage advertising during normal business hours

Optimal for a wide range of products, but small storage